Panchakarma is the most powerful and complete Ayurvedic protocol of regaining balance, cleansing, rejuvenation and detoxification. Panchakarma literally translates into “five actions”… of rejuvenation and detoxification. The process has three stages for effective results: pre-Panchakarma or preparatory stage, Panchakarma or rejuvenation/detoxification stage, and post-Panchakarma or rejuvenation/virilization or building stage.  Panchakarma stage includes customized nutrition & lifestyle changes, customized herbal formulas, ayurvedic massages, shirodhara, steam/dry sauna, specialized therapies; and the five actions: vamana (induced vomiting), virechana (laxative/purgation), vasti (colo-rectal enema), nasya (sinus/nostril/ herbal infused oil therapy) and rakta mokshana (blood letting/blood donation).

The client will be assessed during an initial consultation by the Ayurvedic Physician to determine if she or he is a good candidate for Panchakarma. Generally, Panchakarma is recommended for a period 7 to 10 days for less complex conditions and two to three weeks for more complex conditions.

During the preparatory stage you may be given certain diet and lifestyle changes to be implemented. Generally, the preparatory stage ranges from two to four weeks.

Generally, during the in-person visits (the middle phase or panchakarma/detoxification stage) the client will receive Abhyanga (Ayurvedic massage) with specific herbal infused oils performed by two therapists, Shirodhara (slow pouring of herbal oil on the forehead), steam bath, Marma Chikitsa (accupressure therapy), chromo/color therapy, and a few of many other specific body & mind therapies. You will also be provided with a very specific diet to follow, usually a mono-diet/single dish, gentle yoga, meditation, take an herbal protocol, and plenty of rest.

Similarly, during the post-panchakarma stage you may be required to follow any of the following: adhere to certain diet and lifestyle changes, take an herbal protocol, as well as come in for in-person follow consultations. Generally, the post-panchakarma stage ranges may be a few weeks long depending on the complexity of the condition.

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