Tantra (तन्त्र) teaches finding the true you or “Self”, thereby living in harmony with yourSelf, relationships, and Creation. Tantra is a set of practices that may enable the practitioner to Self-realize their divinity. Tantra highlights life from a wholesome perspective. In recent decades it has been misinterpreted as sexuality and although it doesn’t ignore sensuality/sexuality, it is only a very small aspect of all that Tantra represents. Moreover, it does not necessarily have to be explored to be a successful in Tantra. You are Tantra, just awaken to it. Love is not a craving of the uncultured Self or truth seeker – Love is truth, Love is the Self. Upon believing this truth, having faith in this truth and experiencing this truth, you- the lover and the beloved merge.

Explore many topics within Tantra and Vedic sciences including: Shaiva (शैव, śaiva) – Shakta (शाक्त, śākta) philosophy, Shaiva-Shakta Tantra in the Trika/Kashmiri Shaivism & Vaishnava Himalayan traditions, and the science ofmeditation, kuṇḍalinī (कुण्डलिनि), prāṇāyāma (प्राणायाम), yoga (योग), sense control, rituals, mantra (मन्त्र), yantra (यन्त्र), chakras (चक्र, Cakra), marma (मर्म) (i.e. “accu-pressure points”) and nāḍī (नाडी) (i.e. “subtle body channels”), among many other topics.

Tantra represents our inner essence which is the union of feminine and masculine or Śakti & Śiva. Also, represented by the moon and sun energies channels, or iḍā (left), piṅgalā (right), respectively, and suṣumṇā (in the center of the spine and the head), within our spinal chord, which during meditation or self-inquiry raise kuṇḍalinī Śakti. Piṅgalā corresponds to the sympapathetic nervous system (fight or flight response) and the iḍā corresponds to the parasympathetic nervous system: reduces heart rate, constricts blood vessels, slows respiration and generally relaxes the mind, body and senses. Our first and basic monogamic relationship lies within, must be awakened and lived. Everyone has a feminine and masculine essence within no matter what your gender or sexual orientation is. Feminine and masculine essence express in an active and passive form. Life is a relationship and all our creation, including relationships, is the reflection of this polarity.

The essence of Tantra is the same for all sentient beings. This is what makes us equal, happy and free. Come and experience the essence beyond your persona, identifications and social roles. You will receive seeds to grow in form of energy transmission and proven methods how to develop your full potential as a man or a woman.

Do you want to:
  • find your true Self
  • understand your purpose in life, your many gifts & talents and how to use them comprehensively, know your unfulfilled desires
  • follow your deep desires in a daily life rather than keep them for later?
  • feel that relations enrich your life?
  • create satisfying, loving and passionate intimate relationships?
  • experience free but committed relationships?
  • hold a clear direction and life purpose without distracting your attention?
  • deepen a relationship with yourself and others?
  • embody your spirituality and integrated it into daily living?

These courses may be customized to your level of interest, courses are ongoing and you can join us anytime. All levels welcome.

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