Harness the Vedic Art & Science of Strategic Living and Achieving!

Are you are a conscious entrepreneur, CEO, coach, management consultant and want to make an even more conscious impact within your company, personnel, stakeholders, and industry then the Vedic MBA Leadership program is for you.

Do you want to learn applied Vedic Sciences? And apply its universal laws and principles instilled in Vedic wisdom? Do you want to expand or clarify your own natural gifts, skills, and talents? Do you know your innate purpose in life and business? Do you want to inspire, motivate and achieve all you can be in this life? And do the same for others?

Everyone wants to be their true Self while firmly living-working-playing consciously at all times. And there’s a deep, collective longing for more connection, collaboration and community while doing work that truly makes a difference.

Vedic Sciences include tools for business, career, political and diplomatic purposes. Its utility can be extended to handling personal and professional crises and adverse situations as well.

The Vedic Leadership programs includes the:

Vedic Leadership – Certificate – customize your training ranging from 50 to 450 hours

Vedic Leadership – MBA – 500 – 850 hours (depending on your background, goals and objectives)

Corporations and Companies – We can customize development programs to organization’s needs

Please contact us to learn more and/or apply at 213-500-9337 or ashwin@ashwinayurveda.com