430pm SoundBath and Prana Lifeforce Healing + Social

Hello dear members,

Time to rejuvenate… Soundbath & Prana Lifeforce Healing to be held at:

Ashwin Clinic –
College of Ayurveda Yoga and Vedic Sciences
111 S Kenwood St
Glendale CA 91205

Soundbath will be from 430pm to 530pm and if you’ve never experienced a Soundbath and/or and Prana Lifeforce Healing they are an amazing experience.!

Sound Healing and Soundbaths are an acoustic lay down experience that helps to relax the body, they activate your body’s natural healing systems, and clear the subconscious mind.

Prana Lifeforce Healing (Pranacharya), derived from Ayurveda, is using Prana or “lifeforce” to heal body and/or mind imbalances. The Ayurveda Doctor (Pranacharya) guides the lifeforce by hovering the palms a few inches over affected area. You will have the option to receive Prana Lifeforce Healing.

It is encouraged to bring a yoga mat, pillow and blanket this way you can be as relaxed as possible in your mind and body. During Soundbath you’ll be letting the vibrations from instruments wash through and over your body to help you release and let go anything that is no longer serving you.

Some instruments include crystal singing bowls, a Gong, Tibetan bowls and many others. You’ll be leaving this Soundbath experience feeling refreshed, renewed, and rejuvenated.

Investment $27
may be sent to Venmo:
(ensure you send as “friends” or add $2 for Venmo transaction fee)
to guarantee your participation as limit is 21 persons.

Here are some Soundbath benefits:
Relieves anxiety and stress
Releases blocked emotions
Reduces blood pressure
Decreases depression
Heightens clarity
Promotes deep meditation
Increases immune cell activity
Relieves physical pain
Releases emotional trauma

Ashwin is an Ayurveda Doctor from Ashwin College of Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedic Sciences located in Glendale. For more information:
IG @ashwinayurveda
We are looking forward to meeting you on this upcoming Saturday!

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December 28


04:30 pm - 05:30 pm

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Ashwin College of Ayurveda, Yoga, & Vedic Sciences

111 S Kenwood Street

Glendale, CA, US, 91205