Dr. Ashwin is a Board Certified Ayurveda Doctor, member of the National Ayurveda Medical Association, and consultant of applied Vedic sciences, Spiritual Teacher of Vedic Kriya and Hatha Yoga & Meditation, with over two decades of experience. He regularly consults domestically and internationally to individuals and their families, families of influence, business and civic leaders on understanding and achieving their personal and professional best as well as resolving their complex health and wellness challenges.

Ashwin specializes in women’s and family health, Nadi Pariksha or pulse diagnosis, and marma therapy  (accupressure or energy points).  Nadi Pariksha is an ancient Ayurvedic technique of diagnosis through the pulse. It can accurately diagnose bodily imbalances as well as the diseases and disorders.  It is a non- invasive science that enables to reach the root cause of health issues and not just address the symptoms.

Marma therapy deeply affect the body, mind and spirit and facilitate the complete healing by tapping into prana (body’s vital life force) and infusing it into the body’s deficient or unbalanced area.  It is also a therapeutic and diagnostic tool and can be used on yourself and others to relieve pain, stimulate immunity, detoxify, balance emotions, and enhance awareness and more.

Ashwin utilizes Ayurveda and Vedic sciences to enable each person to understand their personal purpose in life, restore their health and wellness, increase their wealth and self awareness. His approach is simple in that every individual has the divine right to attain happiness through the four aims of life: purpose, health, wealth, and awareness.

Ashwin utilizes Ayurveda and panchakarma as well as other Vedic sciences, including Ayurveda, Jyotish, Vastu (home/office subtle energy flow & design), Yoga, Pranayam, Marma (accupressure), Yoga therapy, and modern science principles that empowers the individual.

Ashwin is classically trained in Ayurveda and Vedic sciences in India and United States;  under the Guru-shisha, Guruparambara (teacher/disciple) method.  In addition, he has studied both business and modern medicine.