Young Adult Conscious Social (YAKS) was established by Vedic Yoga & Meditation at the Ashwin College-Clinic of Ayurveda Yoga and Vedic Sciences to serve young adults in living their life with Purpose, Health, Wealth and Awareness.

YAKS topics include but not limited to health & wellness for body and mind, self inquiry, self realization, finding & living your True Self, finding purpose and passion in life, Vedic Sciences’ wisdom, and how to live life in joy & peace in all you do. Young adults are generally in their 20s and 30s.

The group meets once a month for about an hour to discuss topics of interest. The meeting is usually one hour before and nearby popular young adult events – as it is important to INTEGRATE Your-Self into the general young adult population not only with those of similar interests.

Example of events, include festivals, music concerts, dance events, concerts, theater, movie nights, beach days, escape rooms, hiking, camping, watersports, yoga, meditation, rock climbing, bouldering, bicycling, outdoors sports, and more. We welcome your suggestions. You may find out more about YAKS at IG/FB: ashwinayurveda or 323-702-1211. Look forward to seeing you soon, namaste.

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