Nutrition (“Āhara”) and digestion (“Āgni”) are the core foundation of physical and mental health. It is said that this body constitutes at least the last 7 months worth of food/drinks. Nutrition are any inputs, via the five senses and four emotions, into the mind; and/or any foods & drinks into the physical body – both types of are considered nutrition as per Āyurveda. Āgni is broader than digestion, perhaps we can say it is metabolic activity or “fire” in body and mind that enables transformation of any inputs. Similarly, both mental experiences and food/drinks must be properly digested, absorbed, assimilated, transformed, and excreted (“DAATE”) on a daily basis. When any life experiences, foods, and/or drinks are improperly DAATE then undigested toxic metabolic morbid waste (“Āma”) accumulates in the physical organs/functions, and/or mind leading to imbalances, diseases and/or disorders. Āyurveda identifies the root cause of the accumulation and then recommends proper nutrition, lifestyle, herbal formulas, panchakarma, and/or body-mind therapies to gather and properly excrete Āma to regain health and balance.