645PM – Meditation -Vedic & Swadharma Kriya Yoga Meditation – Vedic Sciences

Welcome, join our active general meditation group as well as our Himalayan Swadharma Kriya Yoga Meditation and Vedic Sciences community- learn and practice sessions. If you already have a meditation technique(s) your welcome to join as well and continue to practice your way.

(NOTE: There is a Yoga postures, asana and pranayama, class right before from 6-645pm, please join us)

In these weekly sessions you will learn theory, preparatory steps and advance kriya yoga meditation techniques as well as answer any of your comments and or questions. Beginners and advanced levels welcome.

These sessions will benefit you:

-enjoying deeper meditations

-understanding Kundalini Ma and its preparatory steps for proper kriya meditation for Self-Realization

-receive individual feedback on proper techniques

-learn kriya yoga theory and practicum, and proper preparation… and be initiated by our paramgurus and guru into lineage upon successful practice

-learn about Vedic Sciences such as Ayurveda, Yoga, Tantra, Vastu, Vedic Astrology and related integration

-join us at our local bimonthly mountain retreats and our annual Himalaya India retreat

-make new friends

Om Hreem Shree Gurubhyo Namah… Om Kriya Babaji Namah Om

Blessings namaste ????



October 20


06:45 pm - 07:45 pm

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Kriya Meditation Ayurveda Yoga Vedic Sciences Clinic/College

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